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Well, we did some researching and had some estimates done and decided on a heat pump. It was installed today, a Bryant 15 or 16 SEER (cant remember off hand, I just know it qualified for the grant). It's quite quiet actually and came with a nifty new thermostat.
What was REALLY interesting is that the electrician wanted to access the crawlspace under the house, to get to the ductwork, and lo and behold there was a foot of water down there! The whole crawlspace, that we have NEVER looked at before was flooded. It's a pond down there people!
So, I called the only plumber we knew out here and he came out almost right away and fixed the broken main water faucet. It somehow had acquired a hole in it. Odd.
Probably had been leaking for close to a year? I had never heard it because we always have the dehumidifier fan going from the furnace, so it tends to mask all other quieter sounds such as that.
Now, 6 hours later, the water main is fixed, and hopefully the water is draining out. It's a cement floor... and had been leaking for quite some time, so obviously there is an escape route for it somewhere, or we would have had a soaking wet basement. The heat pump is also installed, so now we will have not only less expensive heating during the cooler months, but air conditioning during the dreaded summer months.
I'm quite happy about that.
Neither child is sleeping right now. The older one is still talking to himself in his crib, and the younger one woke pre-maturely from his sleep. Both were quiet when I STARTED typing this... but no longer.
My sleep last night was a bit cruddy, though that could have been complicated by the coffee I made at ten thirty in the evening.
It never used to keep me awake at night, but my caffeine levels were lower, so I guess it was a bit of a shock to my system.
My daughter came home from school today saying she doesn't have to see her once a week counselor today. 'Yay!' I thought, and then she followed it up with 'She wants me to go get assessed at mental health to see what's wrong with me.' *sigh*
They did what is called a Psycho-Educational Assessment for her last year at the end of Grade 10. She has always had learning issues, but is a sweet, awesome kid, especially considering she just turned 17. She almost completely lacks the stereotypical attitude of teenage girls.
We chat quite a bit, she is quite open, but school has always been a nightmare for her. She has passed every year up until last year, mainly because the teachers really liked her and felt bad about holding her back. However this has led to a lot of academic issues.
The Psych Assess is to see how she learns, and what parts of her thought process are adequate... and what parts are lacking or need further examination. How is her memory? What kind of memory does she have? Is she ADHD, ODD, Depressed or suffering from Social Anxiety Disorder?
Well, I figured they would give her a big thumbs up to ADD, because she has a hard time remembering what she is saying from one sentence to the next, stares off into space while talking and gets totally distracted... she jokes about them being her blonde moments.
She has major heart surgery as a young toddler and prior to the surgery went without oxygen due to Tetralogy of Fallot, so we often thought the learning disturbances were related to that.
Along with her assessment, they ask a bunch of questions related to the above issues, ADHD, ODD etc... and they asked her teacher and myself.
I was quite shocked when the school called me to tell me she was severely depressed according to her answers.
The odd thing is, she was JUST as shocked as I was.
Now, my daughter is the one that sits with us, talks with us, giggles about everything, reaches out to people, and is the most emotionally mature out of my three older ones. So, given her difficulty with schoolwork, I assumed she probably misunderstood the line of questioning in regards to the tests.
But immediately she was rushed to Child and Youth Mental Health for an evaluation and then put into a group program with activities such as hiking, and a weekly counselor that would pick her up from school and take her to Tim Hortons.
Now the WHOLE time this has been going on, and prior, I have been BEGGING for help for my 15 year old son who smokes pot, has recently got tossed out of the last school he could go to, has anger issues, Oppositional Defiancy Disorder as diagnosed by a psych a few years back and much more.
We are on a wait list for a counselor, and a wait list for home visits with a one on one counselor.
My son has a horrid self image and is easily frustrated, but instead of showing his sadness through tears, it comes out in rage.
WHY THE HECK is HE being put on the back burner while my daughter skips happily from counselor to counselor, enjoying her Tim Horton's coffee and doughnut?
Yes, I call and talk to everyone involved.
But she is considered at risk because of the way she answered questions. And my son is just considered behaviourally challenged.
I asked her why she needs to be assessed again, thinking that maybe its because the counselor has realized she's fine. And my daughter said 'Well, I know there's something wrong with me. I just feel like there is something not right' When I push it, she tells me that people irritate her, and then gives me an example... and I say 'Well hon, they ARE irritating! Your feelings are 100% normal! You have a brother that drives you nuts, a father who just got off drugs and irritates you to death (we havent been together in 15 years), we don't have alot of money, in fact, almost none, and you have horrible allergies that even medication isnt helping and the sneezing and runny nose is keeping you from getting the p/t job you want. There is NOTHING wrong with you babe! You are just emotionally reacting to a tough deal! Your head is just fine, it's your life that is messing with you a bit. Get some counseling to help you figure out how to deal with stuff if you need, but please don't think there's anything wrong with you. We all feel a bit screwy sometimes, especially when life itself is often screwy.'
She ponders this a bit and says... 'Yeah, but well, THEY think there's something wrong with me'
She never thought she EVER had problems before... but now she is sure she is insane.
Meanwhile, my son, who is very obviously disturbed, is going without help. And we have been begging ALL the right people.
It doesn't make sense.


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