Blessed Imbolc/Candlemas

The light is returning. Every day it takes longer for the sun to set. I love it.
With this renewal of light, evident in the warmer air, and vibrational hum of the awakening earth, comes an awakening from within as well.
Of course, we all know that from the Winter Solstice onward, the days are spiraling outward again, but it's not until about this time that we really feel it.
For me, this time of year is definitely about the real beginning of spiritual growth.Time for action. The composting of my thoughts and ideas over the past few months has given way to an emergence of love for myself, and for the Divine, and now, more than ever I feel ready to physically put that in motion.

As for the parenting aspects of my life, well what can I say. The older three are behaving as older children do, somewhat self indulgent, self absorbed, but they are well. My fifteen year old is finishing grade nine at home right now however. The school thought it best. When he finishes grade nine (PLEASE let it be soon!) then he can continue on at an adult ed center. His school is done with him. As all his previous schools were.

The two littlest ones are growing so darn quickly. Bigger D is finally talking. He said "I wub woo Papa" to my husband. (I love you Papa - for those not used to two-year old lingo). He sings along now with some of the kids shows on Treehouse, and he knows all the catch phrases in Diego and Dora, lol. He has been playing with Little D, and little D is running about all over the place now.

Bigger D was playing with playdough tonight and put the ears, hair, feet etc all in the right place. Little things like this amaze me. The first three kids went through it, but being as young as I was and wrapped up in alot of personal drama, I did not pay as much attention to it.
I didn't realize how fast they grow. I didn't realize how lucky I was to be witness to the growth of these people.

Well, I'd make it longer, but it is almost 1am, and I want to get a quick work out in before bed. Paxil is known as a real weight gainer and I'm REALLY trying not to fall victim to that.

Much love to anyone who reads this. May the rays of the returning light comfort your spirit and inspire you to connect to your Divine within.


  1. The returning light definitely does that. I love the light.


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