Another Day

Well, as I have been doing many days of late, I awaited the mailman's arrival. Though recently it has been a bit half-hearted.
I ordered my Navigator's Tarot of the Mystic Sea deck and book from a seller with a great reputation on eBay. They shipped it January 16th. I KNOW I'm in Canada, but truly, five weeks is longer than I have ever had to wait for any American order. (and I have ordered from the US many times)
The seller has offered to send out a new deck, and if the original ever shows, or if it comes before the new shipped one does, just 'refuse' the item and it will get sent back to them. I'm okay with this, and I am very appreciative of the eBay seller's helpful nature. The only problem is, they have sold out of the book that one would use to go along with the deck. So they have simply refunded me the money for the book and told me if it arrives, to just keep it free of charge. (I guess they really think the order is lost at this point)
I searched through eBay for a replacement book, but there is only one that is out of my price range. online has one for a good price, but it is not in stock and will take 3-5 weeks to ship. It looks like this is the only option, as the one is really expensive... though I guess I can check out WHY are us Canadians so left out of the product loop? *sigh*
Ok, better news (and really, the former was not BAD news, as at least the sellers are being very helpful) the rain was here, but it let up completely at lunchtime, so I was able to take the little one's out for a walk. By the time I got back, the bread was ready to take out of the bread machine and slice for a post lunch time, pre-nap time snack.
My hubby's work has tall cardboard cylinders from the product they make, that simply go into the recycling bin, so he is going to bring two home so that we can make the Pillar of Mercy and Pillar of Severity for our Temple project.
By this weekend, the bags of clothes and stuffed animals will be gone, the box of old comp parts (broken) and other weird little odds and ends, hopefully my mom will take the portable air conditioner. She bought it for us two summers ago but it does diddly squat for a two level home in 35+ C in the summer, so I'm hoping she, or someone she knows can use it. I have a broken dishwasher that is going to the dump also, and once those things are gone, other than some neatly stacked camping gear, the garage will be empty!
I was thinking of going to a Church supply store in town and getting some images for the Altar Room/Temple/Prayer Space.... I would love some pictures or thing-a-ma-jigs of the different Archangels.
I am enjoying the evening Compline in there. I like being able to sing/chant through part of it without being disturbed or overly mindful of possibly wandering teenagers in the house. The two youngest of course are sleeping by then, so they aren't an issue, but the older ones are always lurking about when I least expect it.
I THINK that there may be good news in regards to my application to the seminary. But I am still waiting... to be sure.
*fingers crossed*
It's really strange how fluidly the mingling of  Witch into Esoteric Christian/Hermetic Gnostic  has taken place. At first I felt that combining the two wasn't feasible. I'm so silly. (ok, wait, did I say TWO? )It was one or the other. But I realize that that is not quite true. Mainly because the Craft has always been alot about Myth, and also about a Divine Energy which pervades all. Of course, it depends on who you talk to in the Gnostic Community, or in the Magic Community, but for the most part, both perspectives can co-exist quite well. In fact, especially in the area of Hermetics,there are many connections with Gnosticism. And let's face it, the Craft, in the form of good ol GBG is a DEFINITE version of Golden Dawn type workings. Just more earth based and slightly watered down. (a bit less work-actually, a LOT less work).
I was reading The Hymn of the Pearl last night, after my Compline. There really are alot of beautiful writings in the Gnostic Bible. I'm glad I decided to get it. It really does make for a nice read.
All for now, off to tidy up before the kids wake up from their naps!
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