1 Gallon Mandarin Clove is Done

Ok, well not 'done' as in "Drink Me!!!" But it has gone to .999 and is dry, dry, dry. Note to self.. MORE honey next time round. So, if the hydrometor reading was correct when we began, this is a 16% batch. Quite clear, light yellow in colour. I think I taste the clove, there is a hint of mandarin but no sweetness whatsoever.

I have no wine bottles left to bottle it, but took it out of the one gallon milk jug anyhow to get it off the sediment. I put it into empty Wisers Whisky bottles, with balloons on them to see if it is completely done, and if so, I guess Ill just cap it with the whiskey caps and hope for the best!

Our 3 gallon batch is done also, but it is sitting nicely in the 3 gallon carboy. Very little headspace, so Im not worried about it spoiling. Next week or later I will get some more bottles and bottle it.

Ooh, I should add a picture of one of the bottles from our first batch. It was done with mixed berries.


  1. Does this still allow my airway to get air while I sleep?

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