Train Whistles

Well, they have pretty much ceased. For this I am grateful; Whistle Saga Nears Resolution .
However I was a bit shocked to see my letter, all nice and big, staring at me, when I opened the newspaper. Yikes. I hadnt emailed the paper to have a letter printed... I had actually emailed because last week, in her article, it was stated that the train blows its whistle at least THREE times a day, and I wanted to clarify that it was at least THREE times at a time, MULTIPLE times an hour, day and night! I simply sent her the same letter I had sent the Mayor, with a few things ommitted (like the part that said 'if this doesnt stop, we might become maniacal and wreck havoc!' heheh... just kidding)
So, I am a bit embarassed because I stated my husband's place of employment, and disclosed how he had taken the tip of his finger off already and needed to be well rested for his job. AFter writing it, I realized that he was no longer actually ON that machine, but sent it on anyhow, I figured it got the point across in regards to the average human being needing sleep. Hubby however was not happy that I sent that letter. Because now it's printed... and has my first and last name (HIS last name of course) and his place of employment. So his co-workers could very easily read it and ech... I just feel bad. It wasn't my intent to share bits about him with the whole damn place... but what's done is done and I just hope no one from his work reads it!
Here's the letter: Train Whistles Wrecking Quality of Life.
On a side note... WHY THE HELL does NO one put their freaking dishes in the dishwasher when it's empty , BUT I found DIRTY dishes in the dishwasher when it was full of CLEAN dishes, ready to be emptied??? I woke up to dirty dishes on the counter, the dog, NOT on her bed, but lying right above my room-nails scratching on the floor, keeping me AND Demetrio awake... the cat that I keep putting out because he wrecks havoc at night by bugging the dog and bugging the other cat, SOMEHOW kept getting back in the house-and driving the dog from her bed... the whole household, minus the two little ones and myself up, in the kitchen, stomping about, opening, closing, banging stuff. Grr.. combining that, with the dog scrambling on the laminate over my head, cat trying to claw his way into my room and it was 6:15 am, I was So not a happy camper this morning. Thank goodness for coffee. Now, off to start a big pot of spicy beef soup/stew for dinner tonight.


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