The Seasons Turn

Today when going for a walk with the boys, I realized that we truly are in the season of Earth.

Samhain,The time between no-life, and life.

The seeds have fallen...
We are climbing inside ourselves... thinking, preparing.
Like the womb preparing its lining for a fertilized egg, spiritually we prepare ourselves. We cast off all the excess baggage that no longer serves us.
The trees have tossed down their dying fruit to rot, in order for seeds to embed themselves and grow.
Death is necessary for life.
But nothing is every truly dead. Just transforming.

Though it is not something we see , we know that the earth holds those seeds. In preparation. Everything benefits from a dormant season.
Eventually, tiny miracles will occur, explosions of cells under the surface, like a woman newly with child... and then, as the season turns to Spring, that of Air, life takes it's first breath...

But for now, we wait.


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