More Mead!

Yes indeed!
Started a 3 gallon batch yesterday.
I must say, the five gallon batch we made was a bit short of water. Should have been 2 gallons (8 litres) of water with the honey, then after it had been poured into the bucket another 2-3 gallons added ( 8-12 litres) to bring the total water to about 4.5 gallons. I added far too little with the last bit of mead and ended up having to add another gallon when it came time to put it into the secondary.
This time the recipe is as such.
3 gallons of water (2 with the honey and then another gallon, previously boiled , added to it when it was poured into the bucket)
orange and lemon sliced.
pinch of cloves
split vanilla beans (from the home made vanilla extract from Shannon)
5kg - 11lbs of honey (heated with the 2 initial gallons of water in enamel hot-water bath pot)
6tbsp of bee pollen
6tbsp of strong, earl grey tea.
1 package of Lalvin 1118 Champagne yeast.


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