Mid November

Well, in my internet journey today, I found a great site. In The Wack. This site is found at-of course- www.inthewack.com. It's like a social networking site for the peeps in the area, with multiple blogs, and more. It is from a platform called Wordpress Mu , and added to this is a nifty thing called Buddy Press. All in all, it makes for a very nice site.
Lots of local info about stores and there are blogs/articles written by locals. I came across it while searching for Chilliwack wi fi for a friend.
And, while browsing through, I found a link for some Fraser Valley moms who make laundry soap and diaper wipes for an awesome price. Green Gals. Check them out!
It might be a good thing that I am finding some cool things for Chilliwack because it is possible that we won't be able to move in the spring as I'd hoped.
This is how it works. We need a cheaper mortgage if we move to Hope because gas for hubby to get to work is going to cost alot. The way we get a cheaper mortgage is by selling this home for as much as we can, then buying a cheaper home in Hope. We then take some of that money from the sale of this house and pay down the mortgage of the cheaper home so that it helps to make up for the cost of gas.
This should have been easy. Houses in Hope can be found for 250-300,000, and our house here is worth at least 350,000. Or SHOULD be. However, we now have this new road right behind our house and one house over from us, there is an intersection now in an area that used to just be an opening to a grassy field. Ok, bad enough that although all the people in the area knew about the upcoming road and no one told us, but NOW the train that used to just amble on by now is required to blast it's horn three times. Once 1/4 mile away from the crossing (where it travels almost IN the backyards of the houses just off Bellevue/Crescent), once right before entering the crossing, and once while in the crossing. Add in the fact that the train goes MULTIPLE times per hour, day and night, and well..... it's gonna be a tough sale.
The odd thing is, I notice that the CP trains blow their horn (I'm sorry, I know it's a whistle, but it sure doesn't sound like a whistle!) the 3 times, or sometimes 4.... still loud, but short-ish blasts... whereas CN trains BLAST their freaking horns 5, 6 and 7 times and not just short blasts either. Sometimes they just seem to lay on the horn from the 1/4 mile mark all the way through the crossing.
This crossing has lights. Bells. Guard rails. Apparently one of the most expensive top of the line contraptions out in western Canada. Brand spanking new. Arent the horn blasts a bit of an overkill? Lickman rd crossing and Young crossing have a whistle ban in effect... why can this not be done here? So far there has been a protest at the crossing that my husband attended. A petition is going round. Calls are being made, letters written... but nothing done.
So... we might be in the 'Wack a while longer yet.


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