In our local paper it states that apparently, a 'no whistle' ban was applied for in 2008 for our crossing. Hmm, wonder what happened to it?
Also interesting, though not as IRRITATING is the fact that my Facebook account is unavailable.
I was on Facebook, and had just finished adjusting my blog feed (it used to pull from, but I redirected the url to point at this blogger site) Shortly after, I went to go look at my profile to check as to whether or not the blog had been pulled and shared appropriately, and it logged me out. So, I tried to log back in, and it just keeps refreshing the log in page, telling me 'You must log in to see this page'. No error, no 'unavailable due to maintenance' just simply won't acknowledge that I am logging in.
I wouldnt care really except for the fact that it is the #1 way I stay in touch with friends. Since we moved away, I still haven't made alot of friends out here, and it's a good way to see how everyone is doing. Another cruddy thing, the Society fan page is there, and my Terra Spirit Essentials fan page is there also.
I had poked around at different networking sites not long ago. Bebo seemed promising but has glitchy pages, and visiting people's pages is like going to Myspace, you have to scroll, and scroll and scroll. If there are lot's of pics and apps, my comp literally CRAWLS it's way through it sluggishly. (one of the reasons I stopped using MySpace. If MySpace would ban the abuse of HTML, I wouldn't mind being there.)When I started a group, at Bebo it took over 90 days for it to display. When I contacted help about it, they simply told me to refresh my browser and clear my cookies. Over, and Over and OVER again. Sometimes their help responses were completely unrelated to the problem... I got told how to adjust my privacy level, and how to contact friends, quite obvious that the 'help' was just automated and based on the words I used when messaging them.
I really like Netlog. The pages are html free, smooth, quick loading, pleasant looking, but no one is there. I mean, there are lots of people from Europe there, but no one I know is there. Except for the few poor people I harassed to join there just so I could test out the features as far as guestbook posting, status/shouts etc.
So, that's about it. I can stay in touch with people through the Gnostic Cafe site, and Terra Spirit site, and for those who I know in real life, we will just have to learn to use a phone again, lol.
For collaborating events, potlucks, get togethers however, being able to do it all online in one place is a really convenient thing.
Anyone have any cool social networking site suggestions?
If you're on Netlog, let me know and I'll add you :D (yeah, yeah, I know it's unlikely, but hey, they have nice pages! lol)


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