An Idea for Spring

I had hoped we could do this for Winter, but time is short and therefore it isn't going to happen. I was thinking that come spring, SCES should put on a craft fair/flea market with a 'celebration of earth and spirit' theme. Natural products, handmade items, canned goods, used things that fit into the theme, crystals, used books on spirituality etc. This could be open not just to local crafts people, but independent business/proprietors also, home based businesses.
We could procure a hall or venue, and rent out tables. A portion of the table rental can go towards a charity or local cause. Maybe hubby could entertain with his music and perhaps we can get some other pagan/folk type musicians to play, or perhaps some who are proficient on the hand drums.
The vendors can make and keep their own money and at the same time, SCES can help support a worthwhile cause. Vancouver has Pagan Pride,and that is a bit of a trip for most of us Upper Fraser Valley folk, and there is the local farmer market in Chilliwack, but something out here, that focuses more on our emotional , physical, and spiritual well being would be great.
If anyone reading this is interested, email me, or join us at Facebook. (search Society for the Celebration of Earth and Spirit).


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