First Footsteps and the Sandman

Our house has been blessed.
As of late, the sandman has returned. Often his sand of sleep has worn off by 6am, BUT.... at least he's back here doing his job ;)
I have been getting a minimum of four hours sleep again for quite some time and I feel quite groovy. Dante of course has been a great sleeper for about a year now, but little Demetrio.... he had JUSt started sneaking a few full nights' sleep in before the train whistles started, and now that the whistles have ceased for the most part, he's back to sleeping again.
He still wakes up at about 5 or 6, but often I can give him a bottle of warmed water (it gets very chilly in our room) and he will go back to sleep. I am no longer nursing. Just felt quite done with it. About the time I quit nursing, he started sleeping better. I'm guessing that he was waking up for the closeness and the comfort... and I understand that. But it was just enough for me.
During the day we cuddle LOTS. He loves to grab my whole head and give big sloppy kisses all over my face, and play peek-a-boo in my hair. He's a big fan of peek-a-boo actually. I think Dante got him into it because he's always dropping the blanket from the couch over Demetrio's head and then taking it away and laughing. (this is something I must watch closely.. it's WAY too easy for accidents to happen between 11 month olds and 2+ year olds.)
Demetrio can take steps. He prefers not to, but tonight he was being particularly goofy and he rushed at me twice, taking two or three steps the first time and four steps the second time. He has been walking around the furniture since August, so he was about... 8 months then. And now, he practically RUNS around the furniture... but still holding on. He can climb on the couch also. Yikes. We have NO carpet!!! He hasn't fallen off yet. So far Ive been there almost every time - cept the one time I went downstairs to throw on some laundry and came back up and he was standing on the couch watching cars go by out the window.
Sometimes he and Dante play together. By playing I mean, Dante is playing with toys and allows Demetrio near him and EVEN allows Demetrio to touch some of the cars he is playing with.
With all the new activity though, I cant get much done. I can't leave the room. And because Demetrio can almost fit under the little babygate that keeps him from falling down 13 laminated stairs to the ceramic tile below, I can't let them just roam loose. When I put the dog outside, I let Dante run round the place and just pop Demetrio into his playpen in the kitchen. This allows me to actually get food cooked. Today was the spicy beef soup/stew, and then tonight I racked my newest batch of mead, and made some banana muffins and some oatmeal/cocoa/peanutbutter cookies.
Christmas is coming.
What to do. I think that putting up the big tree will be a nightmare. Maybe a smaller potted tree on top of the Hope Chest in the living room. It will be more difficult to pull over. I'm actually looking forward to Yuletide this year. Money wise sucks of course, but I'm looking forward to celebrating the longest night/shortest night, and then welcoming back the sun. The light of the world. Solstice is like the New Moon. From that point on, it's the Waxing Season of the year. Everything in motion again, slowly spiraling outward.
Well, off to bed!


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