Autumn has finally arrived!

I was really starting to wonder. NOT that I am one of those depressing sorts that want clouds and gloom... but what I DO love is the crispness in the air, the way the sun brings such joy to a cooler day instead of bringing sweltering heat as in the summer.

In the summer, the sun is not really my friend. I feel stifled and suffocated towards the end of summer. The immobilizing heat. Early summer it's ok, and quite welcomed as well. But other than that, I long for the more gentle sun. The aging sun. He has burned out his raging  heat of vitality that was needed in summer and instead is now just a welcome friend. A comforter.

Yesterday the skies were dark, but the sun shone, and the wind blew. The leaves went through the first of many removals of leaves. The leaves blew across the sky, dancing in the breeze, sun reflecting off of their papery thinness. A perfect day.

Little D is sick with a fever that two doctors now have attributed to teething. So fine. Teething it is. And 104 degree temperatures. hmm. Two full nights of no sleep at all, but we got three hours last night so perhaps we are on the mend. Hopefully bigger little D doesnt come down with it. In his two years of life he has only been sick twice. Amazing.

We are going to do a meadmaking on October 24th! Can't wait! Though we will have to keep it in a nice warm area to bubble well.  Some parts of the house get quite drafty.

Anyhow, that is all for now. I will write more later. I've been slack in the blogging lately due to a very tired brain that finds it hard to find the words. But I will add some pictures later as well as write a bit about our Mabon dinner that I neglected to post.

In Love & Light!


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