The Rain. She is Falling...

The spring flowers and new leaves are bright against the grey of the day.
Apple blossoms are scattered across the grass and the tulips are bent under the onslaught of the rain.
It is beautiful though.
The contrast.

My seedlings are growing like crazy, I need to get them into the ground and into their pots respectively.
The Gaucho beans have popped through their little bed outside. Inside, Cocoa Beans, Cukes, Butternut Squash, Mrs. Van's climbing Peas... they are about 6 inches tall now. I tore open the pellets a bit and planted them into some little Jiffy pots. If all goes well, I hope to get them outside this weekend. Ive had them out during the day and brought them in at night.

A bit behind are my tomato and pepper seedlings. Of course, I am shamefully late at getting them started, but they will be in the greenhouse, so maybe this will help. All the seeds except for two made it. One did not come up at all, and one came up but had its head stuck in the seed shell and that was it for it.

Akashik is playing his 12-string in the living room, and little Dante loves it. He enjoys listening to his Papi play the guitar. Or djembe.

We've been outside a lot lately. I try to take the little ones out every day after Dante's nap. The last two days have been too rainy though. Hopefully it lets up enough for some outside time tomorrow.


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