Looking around my house, I’m astounded by all the extra junk we have. What would our family need, to get by? We sure would have alot to get rid of. Each person needs a bed, a place to put clothes, a place/shelf for books….. (or cd’s etc)….

We need cooking utensils,

But we have so MUCH of all sorts of stuff that we don’t need. Other than a few meaningful pictures from the wall, the rest we would get rid of. Our photo albums are important…

But all the nick-nacks… they would have to go. From this point forward, we have a ‘no gifts’ rule. We simply dont need any more things. In lieu of gifts, a nice meal, or something of the sort would be nice.

Family is always bringing us things. Dishes sets, nicknacks, cups, items to collect dust… one day when we change our living arrangements to a more self sustaining way of being, we will have SOOO much to get rid of!

And no more gift bags…wouldnt that be nice!


ok, baby is hollering, that’s enough for now.


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