Thank goodness for the sunrise.....

As it is a sign of a new day.

The past few days have been better. I had some good news about a bit of money owed to me. It looks like I might actually be able to get my business Terra Spirit Essentials off the ground. Not sure if I will make any money off it and it SURE is going to take alot of work, but if I do not at least try, I will always wonder 'what if'. Also with this bit of money, hubby can hopefully get alot closer to getting his CD done.

My only real sticky part still is trying to figure out how to charge for shipping, as shipping rates can be quite ridiculous, especially when sending to the states from Canada. If I go through eBay, they have some fantastic shipping options, a 'one price fits all' sort of thing. I will have to look into that.

Gas prices are WAY down, but so is the housing market... lol. Thankfully, although we drive a vehicle, we are't trying to sell our house so THAT is the good news.

6 more weeks until we meet our little one. In some ways, it still doesn't even seem real to me.

eoNblue and Willie came over last night for a visit. It was nice to see eoN again as we don't see each other often. eoN had been at a class making loose teas, salves, balms, bath bombs and soaps. Right up my alley. (as that's what I want to sell). We talked about the Craft and common goals of Pagans, and enjoyed coffee and cornbread muffins. Though I actually forgot to put ALL the cornbread muffins out... I made quite a few and only offered one a peice, lol....

The weather was beautiful yesterday also. What a nice change! Little D and I went for a beautiful autumn walk.


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