Pagans in Chilliwack

I received an email from a teacher at a local college here, MTI. She is teaching a class of youth workers and they decided that they wanted to learn about Paganism as part of a multi-faith project. I was asked if any members of the Fraser Valley Pagan Fellowship would like to come speak to them, and answer questions.

So, myself, Willie and Stephenie decided to go in. We had a very nice time. The students and teacher were friendly and receptive and we had a very easy time sharing information with them. It was nice to get a chance to help dispalay Paganism, and Wicca in general in a bit of a better light. I think generally that it is quite misunderstood.

Dr. appt for me today. I'm sure she will be quite irritated that I have not made it into the diabetic clinic yet. I don't go in until Thursday the 20th. But, I am sure she will be happy with my weight. I havent gained any in two + weeks, and I'm hoping my blood pressure is agreeable also.


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