It's Amazing...

How they grow.

To think that they start off as two beings.. a sperm and an egg.... and they unite and become one. They become a child.

I watch him grow, learning new things. Standing on chubby little tip-toes to reach things he shouldn't.

I watch him walk around and around in circles... so proud of himself on his stiff little legs.. legs that only a month ago stayed tucked underneath him as he crawled around.

Putting sounds together to try and make words, laughing at things that not so long ago he did not realize were funny.

I am in awe.

He is not my first, he is my fourth. But with my first three, there was so much chaos in my life at the time, I did not take the time to sit and reflect on the miracle of it all.

I see them now, teenagers, my oldest in university and I just can't believe how fast time flies. They are three people. With hopes and dreams and fears.

And number five will be here at the end of December...

They are so precious and so important. They are our legacy, they are our love manifested.

Do they always turn out as we hope?  No. Do they cause us pain? Often.... but regardless, each one is proof of a miracle.

Watching a child, when they are so young- too young to know the meanings of words- and I think about comments that Eckhart Tolle made. When you don't put labels or names on things, you see things for what they truly are.

If we look up at a tree, we see a tree. We see branches. We see shadows. Our brains attach names to all these things. When a small child looks up at a tree, and as of yet has no words for what he sees, he sees shapes, and movement, and light and form, and SO many magickal things. Because he is not yet prejudiced with labels.

We can learn so much looking through the eyes of a child.


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