I am tired.

That's about it. And mildly overwhelmed. It seems that every few moments I am thinking of something else that I HADNT thought about when starting my business.

Labels, packaging... how to GET my logo on my labels... shipping, oh and of course, my webstore has been down most of the day and last night.

Yes, it is only through webs.com, but sheesh. It is such an EASY way to make a store look nice.

So I bit the bullet and registered with an eCommerce hosting site. And now there are files to figure out, and to upload, and shopping carts to manually configure. All this would not be so bad, except that I have no idea what I am doing.

And of course, it all costs so much. Not compared to opening an actual physical store of course. But I am beginning to think I have bit off a bit more than I can chew.

Or maybe I just need to sit back and stop worrying. Just do my best.

Busy week ahead. Non stress test on Tuesday, ultra-sound and pre-surgical stuff on Wednesday, and Dr. appt on Thursday. Non-stress... hahahaha.. well, at least they are talking about baby , NOT me. I would fail for sure. :D

But I am happy. Just tired.

Time to go clean the living room.. and do some dishes, oh yeah, and let the cats in, fold some laundry. But hey, it's still early, only just past 11:30.


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