Finding Community

I'm not quite sure how to express in words how I am feeling.

I have been thinking alot about community lately. Or lack of. I can understand the draw of Church. The feeling of community. The support, the working together as a group.

I have been thinking alot lately of going to a Unitarian Universalist Church.  I am and will most likely always  be a Wicce, but the UU Church is multi-faith and it is not uncommon to find Pagans there.

But for the sense of community. So many Wiccans get caught up in the labels.And levels, and the "im right, you're wrong" that it is hard to get them all together in one place in that sort of setting on a regular basis... akin to herding cats. :D

Don't get me wrong, I have been part of some wonderful Wiccan celebrations... but the sense of community is still not quite so strong. Alot of it is to do with the fact that many people still do not feel very comfortable being open about it.

But to get together once a week, to have inspiring conversations, potlucks, open celebrations, to support one another, to new moms, to seniors etc.... all those attributes that one tends to say (and i HATE this saying) "make a 'good Christian'...

Those are NOT just Christian values, the act of compassion, of kindness, of support to one another. They are, or should be, values of mankind.

After all, we are all interconnected. We are all part of the same big picture, making up the unique face of this place we call Earth. So.... what happened to Community?

Can Pagans unite in every day life to help one another , to love one another... or will the diversity get in the way?

I know not everyone wants 'community'. Many Witches and Pagans are more than happy to be on their own. And that is wonderful too. Different people have different needs... but to have the option would be nice.

Searching through, there are two UU Churches in the sort of general area, but each is about an hour away.

When I moved here from a city about an hour away, I hoped to find an established Pagan community. (in a bible belt, yes... silly me) but there did not seem to be one. In Vancouver there is a bigger pagan presence. Still not a 'Community' as in a get together once a week and celebrate life type of thing.... but a community of stores and groups and people... So I made a site to try to get Pagans to come out of the woodwork and connect with one another. I know it takes time... and the few people I have met have been great, but there is no regular get togethers or talks etc. Maybe in time, for those of us that want to make it happen, it will happen.


  1. That is some very "deep" thinking today Shilo.


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