Busy in a non-busy way...

Well, I have been busy shopping for all the merchandise I need to make Terra Spirit Essentials a reality.

soooo just hoping I can get it together and uploaded to the webstore. :D (www.terraspiritessentials.com)

Also, I cancelled my Webs. site for Pagans of the Upper Fraser Valley and instead re-directed my terraspirit.org domain to point at the Fraser Valley Pagan Fellowship site. I was not satisfied with Webs. for that sort of service. The pages can look quite nice, yes... but it's just not necessary.

Wordpress has everything we need, and combined with yahoo egroups, it is very functional.

Well, the finger poking is going quite well. Though I notice my sugars are much better in the earlier part of the day. Probably because I'm more active then. I go for a walk daily.

Hubby will be back in the studio soon, when his work schedule allows it.


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