The trucks came....

... and the tractors. They rolled in at about 7am, while all was still dark outside. They have begun the process of putting in the new road/freeway access, right behind our house. Oh jolly fun.

Little D enjoyed watching the chain-gang of double long dump trucks....spinning lights, and scoopers, quite exciting for him.

I wanted to cry. I don't know why. The ripping up of the earth, everything being dug up, flattened... knowing that from now on, hearing the myriad of different birds in the back yard will be difficult overtop of the sound of cars rushing past on their way to the freeway or on their way over the overpass to the south side of town where all the shopping is.

And of course, being only two houses in from the end of the street, now our quite lil street will have traffic lights installed because there will be a brand new intersection. And now, as the cars wait for the lights to turn green (there isnt even currently a STOP sign there, thats how non-busy our street is right now), they will be positioned outside our house. Waiting for their turn to go.
And of course because it will be a BRAND NEW road to a BRAND NEW overpass and BRAND NEW freeway access, it will have alot of traffic.

Oh, I want SO much to be able to get my business started. I really want us to be able to be self sufficient so that we can run away and move to the Gulf Islands and be hippy folk.

The traffic, the congestion, the crime... I just want out. I guess most of us do.

Good news, I had my prenatal appt. Bloodpressure 114/60, and only gained 4 lbs in the past 6 weeks, so thats not bad. I have gained a total of about 16lbs now, and at 6 months along, thats not too bad. Baby is healthy according to last ultrasound. And baby is still a surprise. :) We will be waiting to find out if its a boy or girl when he or she comes into the world.


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