Rainy Day

But a nice day.
Just got back from the grocery store with the boys. Well, two of them anyhow :D
Little D was great, not a peep out of him, although he didnt like the rain cover going over the stroller before we left, but once we got going he was fine.
Anthony was a big help. Carried the shopping basket.
We got soaked, but it was still a nice walk.
Dante had his shots on Monday and hasnt been so well since, (he had JUST got over a cold when he got the shots done and it seemed to put his recovery into remission... lol... )
His one eye looked bruised, his sinuses were so blocked. But today he seems SO much better.

On Wednesday, Akashik and I took him to the park... there are many soccer fields on it.
And there were lots of crows.
Lil D loves crows.
So, because it was a nice day, we put him down and let him crawl around, lol... he REALLY wanted those crows!!!

I just love this time of year. Even with the rain. (remind me I said that after a few weeks of it)
Looking forward to Samhain. Looking forward to getting the garden all cleared out and ready for next year.
Ahh... im so tired.
Long walk.
I'll post more soon!


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