Blessed Samhain! May the dead walk among us.

Today is the day. The official end of the old year and the beginning of the new.

The Veils between the realms of the mortals and the realms of the blessed ones are at their thinnest.

It is time to officially leave the past year behind , no dwelling on regrets or things undone. Instead it is time to march forward by completeing our inward spiral in preparation for our rebirth that will take place in a few months time.

I have always loved this time, even though we wont be doing anything fantastically festive. No halloween parties or big rituals this year. We have the little one, and the three teens, and Im 7 months pregnant. But we will have our dinner and put out places for the dead to join in and eat with us. We will give a last reflection and then goodbye to the year of the past. Maybe do some divination after the little one is in bed.

It is more the whole turn of the year that I love at this time. The move into the realm of Air. (i know many wiccans put Earth in the North, but our tradition has decided that Air in the North works for us best.)

We shift our thoughts to personal change and preparation of growth of things to come for the following year. Akin to working on waning moon magick. Cleanse with the Air element… smudge, incense… smoke out all the negative energy…..

Before any actual change and growth takes place, in any situation, personal planing comes first. So from now to Yule, we shed what it is we no longer want, we cleanse ourselves of ill thoughts and harbored anger so that by the time the season of growth comes in the season of Earth, at Imbolc, all is in place to bloom within for the year.

Blessed Be to all!

May you feast well,

May you Love, and Be Loved!


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  1. Oh, I can't access wordpress due to the Great Firewall.

    Have you tried to find those books that I recommended yet? I really want to know what you think of them...after reading them, I used to sing to my flowers when I'd plant them (when I had a yard).

  2. Singing to plants is a wonderful idea. No I havent tried to find the books yet, as Ive just been too busy to read, but I saved your message with the info so that I can find them soon :D
    Thats too bad about the Wordpress! I import some of the blogs to here as well... (like this new lovely one about my GD, lol)


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