Air in the North

I came up with a design for a wheel of the year, using Air in the North.
Based on the arguments and propositions of Mike Nichols.
His essay here gives some GREAT things to think about...
So this is my wheel that I made,
Keeping in mind that for the Celts, the day began at dusk of the night before, which is why all the major lunar fire festivals fell upon the evening of the night before.
so when I was doing correspondences, I realized that when you break down the day into eight three hour incriments, that you get a perfect representation of the year as well.
Samhain is like 9pm, not full darkness, but the day is gone, the day is done... the element is air, there is no sun to warm the skies.

..You move to Yule, midnight, you reach the solstice. The middle of the night...

Moving deosil still, into the East, into the realm of Earth, representing 3am you have Imbolc. Although all is dark, it is beginning to stir, the earth is awakening, you can sense it, although you can not see it, it is the beginning of the day.

Continuing, you come to Ostara, it is 6am, light has returned, all is stirring, coming to life, still under the element of Earth.

Then, we arrive in the South, at Beltaine, the realm of Fire. The beginning of the light half of the year and representing 9am. All is underway, it is midmorning, and not quite at the peak as it will be at

...Noon, Litha, the peak of Daylight hours...

Enter West and the Realm of Water, Lughnasahd is often the hottest time for many.. .the fire of the south has changed to water of the west and steam is sure to blow, hot weather, scorching heat, often alot of mugginess, it is 3pm, and much like the heat of mid afternoon, although we feel the wrath of the sun, we know that it is not too much longer until...

Mabon, representing 6pm... things are cooling down, the day is winding down. They year is coming to an end. It is the last harvest, things are going to seed. And although there is still a lingering warmth in the air, there is no arguing the fact that "dusk" or 9pm Samhain is right around the corner.

Also, Samhain corresponds with the last quarter of the moon. It is not in its darkest stage, but it is the time just before, just as the New Year starts just before the darkest months.

Going by this sort of wheel, and adding in the daily points of time in with the other attributes, one can see how this works well.
Keep in mind also that the celts saw the Cross quarter days as the days that signified the beginning of the season. so Although Samhain marked the beginning of winter, the coldness does not kick in fully until Yule.
But being out at the end of October or November, one feels that chill ,and one can feel that energy in the air, akin to the energy flaoting at its opposite, at Beltaine and see how very magickal these times are.

Another thing I was thinking, was that if you look at the wheel... and you see how it goes Male/Female/Male/Female..... you see that where the Male/Female join up, is at the solstice points, or quarter days.
(I know many people start with Yule at the top and not Samhain, but even if that were the case, then it would put Samhain in the North/West with equal female/male, which still works well if that is your tradition. Point being that it is not male/male or female/female joined together as the quarters and cross quarters go round)

Ive been reflecting on the wheel alot lately. Must be the whole 'inward spiral' thing :D


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